One Piece, two Ways

I never knew one day I would make the declaration that too much clothes is BAD! It’s every fashionista’s dream to own an endless closet space filled with the latest “IT” pieces. Not until recently, I was cleaning my closet jammed with clothing I have received from brands over the years, I realized that something needs to change.

We are increasingly adopting ‘wear it once culture’, binning clothes after only a few wears so they aren’t pictured twice on our social media. Did you know that approximately 13 million tons of textiles are trashed each year in the US? In which only 15% are donated or recycled?

“One Piece, Two Ways” is a series of curated posts providing styling inspirations for people to reuse their existing items in their closet. As a supporter of sustainable fashion, my passion is to raise awareness of this environmental issue and help eliminate fashion waste in our community. Starting now, every week I will share with you how I style one item from my closet to create two completely different looks. If you love this concept, be sure to check in on every Wednesday to see the latest styling inspiration. If you are a blogger and want to link up, feel free to send me an email to collaborate. 

Fashion is something that we all partake in, and I believe philanthropy is just as important as what is trending on runways. I hope you can join me on this mission to give some life to those forgotten pieces in your closet. The possibility in fashion is endless and together we can start changing the conversation.