Les Eaux de Chanel: New Perfumes and Destinations


Inspired by Coco Chanel’s favorite destinations, Chanel introduced the Les Eaux De Chanel Collection this past summer. I have been so anxious to give them a try, the rumor has it that the citrusy scents are quite different than the infamous Chanel No. 5. The collection includes three perfumes designed in minimalistic bottles, the light scents are closely modeled after cologne, you can spray them on liberally without them ever being too overpowering. Each scent is also inspired and named after a destination vitally important to Coco Chanel’s life: Venice, Biarritz, and Deauville.

 As someone who loves citrusy scents, I was more than pleased with the trio. My favorite scent from the collection is Deauville. Although Deauville is a seaside town, it has a woody and citrusy aroma that depict the weekend in the countryside of Paris, hence the idea of this woody green aromatic freshness. This is pretty similar to the Jo Malone Lime, if you are a big fan of orange and basil, then this will be right up your alley. Another seaside adventure in scent, Biarritz is the most traditionally cologne-like of the collection. Biarritz is where Chanel opened her first Couture house, it symbolizes true independence for Chanel, and the scent is the freshest of the three. Venice, unlike the other scents, is the least “Chanel-like.” The scent reminds me of powdery vanilla makeup with a tad bit of iris, this is perfect for warmer weather and day wear.

4.2 oz. Eau de Toilette $130. Available at Chanel boutiques and the website #ChanelPartner

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