Casual Cool

Location – Los Angeles

Runway Details – Alexander Wang Dress, Vince Bootie

Who said Alexander Wang is only for the off duty cool girls. I am loving the Alexander Wang look at the moment, it’s minimal and versatile. Alexander Wang is definitely the IT basic, ranging from casual Tees to black sneakers that complete the casual cool DTLA style.  It is a luxury basic brand, and the high price point comes from the use of high quality fabric that retains the slouchy look after each wash. Winter is also a great time for the black/gray/white color palette, maybe that’s why I have been so obsessed with the Wang look lately.

Alexander Wang 的风格一直都是帅气又性感,深受明星潮人们的喜爱。 从基本款式的tee 到运动鞋, Alexander Wang 都是以休闲范儿为主,简洁有力,有着都市女孩的cool特质。说到t-shirt, 那必须是Alexander Wang 当家款,虽然价位偏高, 但是洗完数次后,你会发现他们家的t-shirt 基本保持原来有的垂坠感。冬天也非常适合Alexander Wang家的主打色系, 黑,灰,白, 都是好穿又百搭的颜色。可能是因为冬天到了,雪儿最近好迷恋Alexander Wang 家的衣服和鞋子。 黑五刚败了一双他们家的GABI NOTCH HEEL短靴,真是爱不释手啊。

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