Location – Art District, Culver City

Runway Details – Banana Republic Dress, Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

Effortless summer style is all about finding the right dress, and white is the color of the season that never disappoints you (safe choice always). White do tend to look a little sheer, so make sure you get a dress with thick lining or wear a slip underneath. Whether you’re tall or petite, the perfect length is just-above-the-knee hemline, which keeps it classy while still showcasing your long legs. This dress creates an hourglass shape that visually slims my upper body (low V-neck), while sizing down my waistline with a bow tie. The mesh detail also makes the dress delicate and elegant, making me feeling like a lady. For a pull-together easy look, straw hat (for practicality purposes) is definitely the most popular summertime accessory that you don’t want to miss out on. I personally love wide brims hats that are more beach appropriate. Finish off the outfit with a pair of pop color flats, or heels for an elevated look. I hope everyone finds her own perfect summer dress!

夏天是穿小洋装的季节, 当然白色是必选的百搭色。 但是记得一定要在里面穿一件吊带衫, 因为白色会比较透视。不管你升高多少,膝盖以上是最佳的裙摆长度。 这样既可以让你显的得体, 有可以露出你的长腿。 因为雪儿上身比较宽, 所以偏爱穿v领的衣服, 会特别显瘦, 所以这条裙子的v 领设计是我的最爱。腰里的蝴蝶结可以视觉上让腰身变细, A-line 的裙子也会把腿变的细长,简直就是完美的设计! 夏天要注意防晒,所以帽子变成了必不可缺的搭配饰品。 雪儿平时不爱晒太阳, 所以选一顶合适自己的帽子很重要。 我很喜欢宽边的帽子, 因为不光可也挡太阳, 又可以显得五官更立体。 最后穿上一双颜色鲜艳的亮鞋,这套穿搭就完成咯。 希望大家可以找到合适自己的夏天小洋装!记得哦, 美丽才是王道!

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