Pastel Hues

Location – Art District, Los Angeles

Runway Details – Armani Exchange Tank Top, BCBGMAXAZRIA Skirt, BCBGMAXAZRIA Shoes

Soft hues are a classic summer staple that every fashionista need in her closet. Even if girlish look isn’t your style, you can always adopt some of the cool tonal pieces to add a little bit of edginess. For the past year, the colors are popular enough that they’re also trickling into the fall season (more to come on that later). I am a huge fan of pastel myself (aside from my “slimming” black). When styled right, you can pull off elegant looks just like with your basic colors. My favorite way to style pastel colors is by mixing it with neutral colors, such as white, which you can never go wrong. Ruffle top with bandage skirt is perfect for a soft yet bold look. Bandage skirt is one of my favorite go to pieces in my wardrobe. I have several different colors and versions. It’s a timeless piece that can go with every occasion from day to night. I choose a pair of pale pink lace up heels to make my pastel pieces pop while keeping the rest of my color palette simple and ladylike. If you’re daring, try adding a little bit of bright and fun accessories to impress the crowd.

冰淇淋色系是今年春夏非常流行的颜色, 也是每个时髦女孩儿的穿搭必备单品。雪儿喜欢叫这个色系“马卡龙”色, 因为它实在是太让人诱惑了。很多女孩儿会担心浅色让人上身臃肿, 过分的甜美可爱。 所以我会建议选一些偏冷色的色调去做为调整。雪儿本人超爱马卡龙色系的衣服, 除了大爱显瘦的黑色外, 就属马卡龙色得到我的欢心了。 如果懂得怎么搭配的话,马卡龙色还是可以很显瘦, 让你甜美浪漫, 约会必备色哦!这个色系最好搭配的就是白色, you can never go wrong! 因为浅色会视觉上让人觉得膨胀, 所以雪儿会选择下身穿紧身的绷带短裙。这款短裙是我的百搭单品, 我自己收了好多不同的颜色和款式。不管是白天上班还是晚上出去happy, 这条裙子是百搭女王!这款裙子的创始品牌是我很爱的Herve Leger, 但是因为实在是价位太高, 也太挑身材, 所以雪儿很喜欢买bcbg 家的这款裙子。 大家可以做为参考哦! 每次写到鞋子, 我就很兴奋!这双鞋款是最近很流行的lace up。 雪儿已经买了好久了,因为是松紧的绑带, 穿久了实在是对不起我的脚。 不过因为太美了, 还是偶尔会出来拉拉风。 如果你胆子够大, 不妨尝试搭配一双彩色的鞋子做为亮点。 大家准备好玩起小清新味道了吗?

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