1Piece2Ways: Polka Dot Blouse

Polka dots - yes, the ones you used to wear as a child - are having a huge moment this spring season. A return to overt femininity is exactly to my taste, fashion has now officially gone spotty! Polka dot is surprisingly a versatile print, it’s not just or Minnie or tea parties. No matter what your fashion taste is, there’s always a polka dot silhouette for every women, wether it’s chiffon dresses or sheer skirts, if styled right, you can make it a fashion statement that will turn lots of heads around.  Let’s start with the classic blouse with exaggerated sleeves, a retro yet sophisticated statement piece. I love there’re so many different ways you can style this trend - here’re two polka dot ensembles I’ve put together. Are you a chic fashionista or retro minimalist? 

Chic Fashionista 

Polka dots are whimsical and fun, they can also be mixed and matched with colorful pieces to offer a nice preview to Summer. To add in color but without overtaking the pattern, I decided to streamline the look with a simple red A-line denim skirt (my favorite silhouette) and a pair of black and white mule. To finish the look and for better color coordination, I also added a red beret for a touch a romanticism. A simple color palette such as red, white, and black can pull the whole look together and making it look polished and easy to pull off. 

Retro Minimalist 

If the first look was a bit too bold for your taste, then let’s pick a softer tone that looks just as lovely and sweet. Another big trend for spring is the retro fabric corduroy making a major comeback! I never knew I’d be a big fan until I found this cute overall skirt in the washed out pink. Lots of our favorite high street brands are giving corduroy a major moment, you can easily find jackets or pants in this fabric from brands such as Topshop, Zara and Mango. For a minimal yet stylish spring outfit, you can pair the polka dot blouse with a corduroy overall. Keep the retro feel consistent by wearing a pair of white sneakers. Always a kid at heart! 


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(All Photos Taken by @Munopia)

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