Winter Suede

Location – Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

Runway Details – Dressabelle Trench, Theory Dress, Stuart Weitzman Boots

Ah one of my 2016 New Year’s resolution is to update my blog every two weeks, which I am already a little behind! To my fellow readers, be sure to check back in for updates bi-weekly. Of course, I’ll be also sharing little sneak peek on my Instagram for new blog post.

It has been crazy work life since I came back from my Cancun trip, more on that later. It seems like the weather has gotten warmer in LA lately, while the rest of the world is covered in snow. No more thick and heavy coats with turtle neck sweaters. Instead, here I am wearing a faux suede trench layered with a leather trim dress. Over knee boots continue to be the statement of the season. Whether it’s suede or leather, if it’s over knee, it's on point. 

2016年的新目标就是每两个星期更新一次博客, 但是好像已经晚了一个礼拜了。 不好意思大家。雪儿从度假回来就不停的加班, 每天累成狗。可爱的读者们要记得每两个礼拜回来看我一次哦!

刚过完26岁生日就觉得每天跟时间在赛跑。 就怕输给了时间,来不急去完成我想做的事儿, 我想去的地方, 我想见的人。日子过的太快了, 我都奔三了!最近LA天气倒是不错,晴朗的天气让每天加班的我偶尔探出窗外也有一丝的期待, 那就是赶快下班!25摄氏度的天气不用再穿厚实的外套。在这里雪儿选择了一条麂皮的风衣搭配皮质的连衣裙。 过膝高筒靴是这季不可少的单品。 不管是什么颜色或皮质, 如果高度够高, 刚好露出大腿, 那么你就穿对了!  

Thanks for reading! 


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