Wrap Skirt

Location – Anaheim

Runway Details – Zara Sweater (Similar), Asos Wrap Skirt, Club Monaco Heels (Similar)

Suede from the 70s is definitely making its way back this season. The lux material makes any outfit looks elevated and expensive. While the material might seem more cold weather appropriate, you can easily rock your suede all year- round. Color is the trick to make it season appropriate. But who says pink is only for spring? This wrap suede skirt from ASOS is definitely one of my favorite new additions to my closet. Putting together an outfit is an art, and color is the key. Experiment with complementary colors to get inspiration. Banana Republic for Fall is all about the military green and blush pink, such a pretty soft pallet. The pink adds a touch of femininity to the edgy green. The suede material is great for holding up the structure; however, it does get a little stiff and not as forgiving. The asymmetrical sweater helps to soften the look adds comfort.

I saw this quote this morning, as I am getting ready to get out of my bed. “Happiest Valentine’s Day. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you.” Happy Valentines Day, my girlies! Wherever you are, whoever you are with, always remember to love yourself for who you are. Don’t ever change; you’re perfect (of course, self improvement is always encouraged).

麂皮可是秋冬季的大红大紫材质!它不仅有质感还保暖,任你搭配都让你的outfit 升级百倍。 大家可能觉得麂皮比较适合秋冬穿搭, 但是春季秀场上还是会看到它的踪影。 所以你还不赶快收一条? 季节搭配最主要就是选择对的颜色。 一如既往的灰, 黑, 棕都是秋冬的首选。今年军绿色也是搭配的主色系, 我的大爱。 其实穿搭就是一门艺术, 最基本的就是选择对的颜色。这是雪儿第一次挑战粉色系列的麂皮裙, 为了承托有冬天的感觉。 我上身选择了撞色系的军绿色。这款Asos的裹裙是我最近买的宝贝之一。 Wendyslookbook 也穿过同一条裙子, 如果比较矮小的女生可以选择他们家的petite尺码。 裙子很美, 雪儿就是觉得太有型, 穿上去有点儿硬。 所以我搭配了一条不规则款式的毛衣, 视觉上可以让整体看上去没那么僵硬。

今儿是西方人的亲人节(就是骗人花钱的hallmark holiday). 今天一早起床就看到了Instagram 上的各种刷屏, 其中有一句话我很喜欢。 在这里跟大家分享。 “最幸福的情人节就是我选择了你, 一百个一辈子, 一百个世界里,一百个不同的现实生活里, 我找到了你, 我选择了你。” 不管你已经找到了那个他, 还是在继续寻找中。 我都希望你们可以认真生活, 学会珍惜和爱护自己。 在你遇到对的人之前, 好好照顾好自己。 记住不要为任何人而改变, 当然好的改变雪儿还是支持的! 祝大家情人节快乐, 幸福!我要去吃情人节大餐了,在家煮的才是最有心意的, 你说呢? 

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