Feminine Biker

Location – Art District, Los Angeles

Runway DetailsUrban Outfitter Suede Jacket, Armani Exchange Tshirt (Similar), Lace Pleated Skirt (Similar), Balenciaga Sandals

The suede biker jacket is now the new denim jacket; it’s everywhere from street style to high fashion. It has proven that the suede trend is here to stay! I am particularly in love with this cropped version in the beautiful burgundy color. Crop jacket usually looks great over a dress or high waisted skirt. But sometimes, the crop jacket has the potential to overemphasize your upper body, making your torso look shorter. Here I chose to style the jacket with a pleated lace skirt to help balance the proportion and also to add a feminine touch to the outfit. Finally completing the look with a pair of snaked patterned sandals, my ultimate favorite piece from Balenciaga, it’s been the third year and I am still not over it!

今年春夏大热的趋势莫过于充满帅气潇洒的麂皮风。已经大红大紫了一个秋冬, 麂皮风还是不愿离我们而去。看来还没有下手的亲们,要抓紧了哦!现在的麂皮外套已经变成了过去的牛仔外套,无论是搭配牛仔裤或是短裙都是时髦范儿十足。雪儿一直都在寻找一条短款的麂皮外套搭配美美的连衣裙或裙子。  在这里我选择了一条短款酒红色鹿皮外套,内搭白色T血,加上黑色蕾丝百褶过膝裙,女人味儿十足又显帅气。 高腰裙会视觉上提高腰线, 显得腿型修长,更提升了整体的高度,最后再搭配一双金典的巴黎世家凉鞋就完美了。

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