Wishlist Summer Time Happiness

I am the biggest fan of Friends and Family promotions, it's the best time to stock up on new arrivals. Nothing is better than saving 25% off on the newest selections for the season. Here's my wish list, what's yours? Click on your favorite photo, and it will take you directly to the website to purchase. 

1. Joie sandals are minimalistic yet chic, perfect choice for summer essentials. This particular pair is Bohemian-inspired with crochet and tassel details. 2. With the tribal trend coming strong this season, tribal fashion is all about vibrant colors, embellishment and textile prints. Sam Edelman also did their own interpretation with this lace up sandal, decked out in colorful pompom accents, super boho-chic but not over the top. 3. Almost every brand has a version of Aquazzura's Wild Thing, but Ivanka Trump's version is so similar that the brand was accused of copyright infringement. Real suede upper in the beautiful blush color, only for 1/8 of the price compare to the real deal. 4. Looking for something easy to outfit, chic and comfortable? Rebecca Minkoff has the exact shoes for you, chunky heel is on point. 5. Loeffler Randall has been my favorite this season, stacked heel with fringed tassel and lace-up ankle string. Totally ready for music festivals. 6. The pompom accents are super cute and playful, especially in the pastel color palette, perfect for the spring/summer season. 7. This is my first time trying out AG denim, and I have to admit I am absolutely in love. The fabric is comfortable and stretchy; fits perfectly to the ankle, no need for alteration compare to the other designer denim brands. The destroy detail is carefully crafted, exposing just the right amount of skin in my taste. 8. The cropped flare jeans are the new big hit this season, light indigo with fringe hem, how can you say no to that? 9. Pleated midi skirts are spring must haves, this season we added a foil coating for a metallic effect. Don't you agree everything looks better with a bit of shimmer? 

这几天各大网站都有开始做活动, 雪儿也是买到手软  换季可是买买买的最好时机,找个借口让自己美美的。 雪儿都收了些什么好货呢? 点击你喜欢的照片, 就可以直接去购物网站了哦!

1. 这双编织的凉鞋也是春夏的大热款, 去海边浪就靠她了。 已经开始断码了, 所以动作要快, 手残的女人是没有未来的! 2.今年很流行的民族风情, 雪儿很喜欢Sam Edelman 的这双, 价位非常适中。 Nordstrom在做price matching, 现在有25% off。 很多网站都断货了哦。 3. 几乎所有鞋子品牌都有一双Aquazzura 的wild thing, 但是Ivanka Trump 的这双可以相似到被告了!可想而知有多像,全麂皮, 但是只有Aquazzura 的1/8 的价格, 你还在犹豫什么呢?粉色以断货,可是雪儿还是抢到了! 4. 喜欢帅气干练的范儿, 那就选择这双Rebecca Minkoff 的凉鞋。 百搭款式, 快收了!5. 粗跟现在是最最时髦的, 这款还加了可爱的流苏和绑带。也是雪儿的大爱哦! 6. 可爱的pom pom 小毛球是春夏的焦点,这双冰淇凌色不会显突兀,但也潮范儿十足。7. 第一次尝试穿AG 家的牛仔裤, 舒适又修腿形,而且长短非常合适。雪儿非常推荐哦。 8. 最近的爆热款,9分阔腿裤, 雪儿这次也是大胆的尝试了一回。迫不及待给你们上照片哈!9. 百褶裙大家并不陌生了吧, 但是这季的百褶裙可是闪闪发亮的哦,让你变成回头率最100%!

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