Feminine Biker

Location: Daily Dose Café, LA Art District

LA weather is back in the 80s, which means SPRING is finally coming our way! With mornings and nights still a bit chilly, a great transitional piece would come in handy for layering in the spring. Classic biker leather jacket is every cool girl’s closet staple, and in my opinion, you can never have enough! Biker jackets are ubiquitous on the runways for Spring and Summer; however, this season the biker came with a twist – they’re printed or embroidered (more on that later), and in perfect spring forward colors like pink pastel.

Let’s start with the everyday tried –and-true biker look for spring first!  One of my favorites is a black classic biker jacket with my go-to skinny jeans, paired with a stripe Tee. Because contrast is key, I also picked a pair of slightly more feminine heels to go with the tough-looking biker. Classic trainers are also great alternatives for more of a casual weekend look.

Currently, I am busy planning my next getaway with families. With spring break just around the corner, my next blog post will be about resort dressing. I can't wait to share with everyone few of my favorite resort looks. Love to hear your thoughts on that!

最近天气慢慢转热 ,住在美东的小伙伴们还在过着冰雪纷飞的日子吗?LA的天气可已经80几度了,又到了露腿的季节! 虽然春天要到了,早晚温差还是挺大的。换季最实用和时髦的单品就属机车皮外套了。 机车皮衣永远都是那么经典,雪儿自己就收了好几款。今年春夏的秀场更是皮衣撑天下。看完各大品牌的秀之后,雪儿只能说皮衣真的是越来越潮了, 刺绣,花纹,赶快统统收起来!

机车皮衣虽然天生帅气,但是绝不是酷女孩们的专属。如果觉得刺绣款太亮眼了,那么选择一款黑色机车皮衣不但经典还百搭。它和小西装,风衣这些万能单品一样,只要换个搭配,就能穿出不同风格。雪儿最爱的皮衣穿搭就是条纹T加牛仔裤,时髦的毫不费力又休闲自在。 再加上一双优雅的高跟鞋,混搭的刚刚好,帅气的姑娘也可以温柔哦!

Happy Reading <3

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