Lace-up Sweater

Location: LA Art District

Getting dressed in the morning is tricky during this time of the year as we transition into spring season. We’re still experiencing that chilly morning and night, but the afternoon just gets so hot. This makes me so seasonally confused! Does anyone else have the same issue?  Honestly, I am not ready to let go of my cozy knit sweaters yet. Especially living in Southern California, winter becomes so precious and SHORT!

Lace-up sweaters are perfect transitional pieces into the warmer days. It’s the perfect weight to wear it alone, or on the colder mornings, to layer with a military jacket. And more importantly, lace up is such a big trend right now that you definitely don’t want to miss! In order to make my sweater more seasonal appropriate, I paired with leather A-line skirt to add a little edge to the outfit, and of course, spring also means legs for days. Finally, finishing the look with a pair of cream suede bootie. Here’s the complete look for an effortless chic city girl!

今年秋冬最火的绑带毛衣,有点复古有点小性感, 已经变成了时髦到不行的单品。 这一到换季,雪儿就不会穿衣了。特别是住在LA,早晚温差大,很容易感冒。 这款毛衣的深V设计和轻薄度非常适合换季穿搭。绑带设计虽然性感但也不会太over,可以按照自己的喜好来做调整。上班族的姑娘们可是把绑带收紧一些,既显瘦又干练。如果是周末早上coffee run, 就可以和雪儿一样露个肩,再加上一条皮质短裙,慵懒范儿十足。这款毛衣还特别适合平板身材, 简直就是给我们亚洲姑娘们的福利啊!最后再搭配一双麂皮镂空高跟鞋,你就是换季穿搭女王!

Thanks for reading <3

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