CNY Lucky Outfit

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! It’s always been a part of our tradition to wear red on New Year’s day for a year of good luck and fortune ahead. From handing out red envelopes (cash inside) to hanging up red lanterns, in the Chinese culture, red is the color that symbolizes good luck and fortune, and as Chinese, we worship the color red.

The Chinese New Year date varies every year according to the lunar calendar. This year, it happens to be on 2/16, just two days after Valentine’s Day, which also shares the same theme color red. Because late January or early February is still mostly cold weather for most of the population, a red outerwear or sweater would come in handy for beating the seasonal chill.

This year I have upgraded my red coat to a red poncho as my go-to layering piece for my Chinese New Year look. Unlike coats, which can feel confining with too many layers stuffed under. A poncho is like wearing a cozy blanket, yet look as polished and elegant as any true fashionista.  If you’re wondering what to wear underneath a poncho, I would suggest keeping it neutral and basic. For example, I styled this poncho with a simple gray shirtdress underneath. For colder climate, you can sub the shirtdress with a thicker sweater dress or sweater with legging as your layering piece for more warmth.

I have to admit that I got very lucky to find this red poncho for less than $100 during Zara’s seasonal sale. But don’t you worry, there’re plenty of poncho options out there with reasonable price tags. Lastly, to add a bit of edge to the whole look, I chose a pair of over the knee black boots (my forever love) for an added touch of style. If you feel the red is a bit overwhelming, I would also add a solid or printed neutral color scarf, such as the one pictured, to neutralize the red and add a bit of sophistication.

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