1Piece2Ways: Winter White Sweater

If you live somewhere with four seasons, you’re likely already bracing yourself for winter gloomy days. There’s no better time to cozy up in your favorite white sweater than chilly mornings and early sunsets. Besides the fact that sweaters are cuddling friendly, they’re definitely one of those go-to cold weather pieces for layering, just to make your cold winter days a bit more bearable. There’re also different ways to style a white sweater for a chic and effortless look. Today I am going to share with you two easy-to-recreate outfits that I currently love. I hope they will give you some inspiration for getting the most out of your winter wardrobe!

Feminine Look

Sipping on my coffee and people watching at my favorite café. This is essentially my go-to brunch uniform. An oversized white sweater paired with a midi vintage denim skirt. With a bit of feminine touch, I finished the look with a burgundy beret and a pair of white kitty heels.  White is such an easy color to style; being neutral it can go with almost any other colors. To make it seasonally appropriate, burgundy was my choice of color to add a pop to the whole look but without overwhelming the white. Sometimes oversized sweater can look bulky on the body, so the trick is to tuck in the front of the sweater to keep it more streamlined. This is such a comfy and simple look to replicate, and it can work for almost any day occasions. Depending on the weather in your city, you can always adjust the skirt length or wear tights underneath to fit the temperature.

Casual Chic Look

The most wonderful thing about sweaters is that you can wear it alone as a statement or use it as a layering piece for warmth. Either way, there’re so many ways to stylize and be creative with it. For colder days, pick up a trench coat to throw over your sweater and jean for a casual yet chic look. Time to ditch your heels and put on a pair of fun sneakers to stroll the city with. Enjoy the last bits of cold, spring will be here before we know it!

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