Red Coat

Location – The Broad Museum, Los Angeles

Runway DetailsZara Coat, Madewell Sweater (Similar), Leather Skirt, Alexander Wang Galbi Bootie

As we transition into spring, it’s just about time to bring out the bright coats. This season we’re starting to challenge the idea that a coat always has to be neutral aka boring. Instead, we’re seeing popular street trend emerging in bright coats, a color palette that we don’t normally associate with cold weather. Nothing is more impactful than a chic red coat that adds a bold element to your outfit, definitely an eye catcher in the crowd. If you’re daring enough, you can accessorize with pop colors in shoes or bags to add little bit of playfulness to the outfit. But for a more timeless and sophisticated look, you can tone it down with muted shades such as black and brown, like how I have outfitted here.

你的衣橱里还是被沉闷的灰黑色占领了吗? 这季的街拍里好多博主都穿上了颜色鲜艳的外套。红色外套已经变成了街头的焦点, 怎么样的穿搭才可以让人驾驭这些漂亮的颜色而不显得突兀呢? 红色可以提亮肤色,又可以让你潮范儿十足。 红和黑色的搭配会将全身重点集中上身的红色外套上。 上衣我选择了大地色的毛衣。 这种简单的三种颜色搭配非常适合所有鲜艳的颜色哦。 想显得活泼可爱的女生可以选择撞色搭配, 比如可在脖子上围上一条宝蓝色的围巾稍稍做点装饰。 雪儿最近买了好多亮色系的宝贝,迫不及待的要和大家分享了哦。 

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