Tweed Chic

Location – Art District, Los Angeles

Runway Details – BCBGMAXAZRIA Cashmere (Similar), Zara Tweed Shorts. Everlane Loafer, Celine Bag, Forever 21 Fedora

My love affair with tweed runs deep and true. Tweed pants, shorts, jackets, you name it, and I probably have it. Too much tweed can make the outfit look too busy and a little “old looking.” But tweed shorts provide just the right amount paired with a cashmere sweater and a textured jacket, lastly top it off with a red wide brim fedora. Absolutely in love with my new cheap and cheerful fedora made with 100% wool, only for $25 at Forever 21. I am definitely the quality over brand type of gal, always looking to maximize my purchase value. So two thumbs up for this Forever 21 hat, it’s worth every penny.

Speaking of value, I recently started following Everlane, which is known for its selection of essentials and price transparency with no markups. Their strategy is not to overwhelm the customers with too many options; instead, they aim to create every style timeless. Their shoes are all made in Italy, with real leather upper and leather sole. My patent leather loafer is a little stiff at first so I would also suggest on getting a half size larger. Overall, I am very pleased with my first order on Everlane; this will be my go to place for all my basics from now on. Occasionally, the website also runs few sales on over stocked styles. As a customer, you get to choose how much you’d like to “contribute” to the site. It’s a very interesting new concept that the brand is promoting. If you’re looking to stock up on some basics, Everlane has the right quality at the right price for you.

粗花呢可以说是我的真爱啊,在大家的印象中可能最经典的粗花呢代表就是Coco Chanel 的小黑外套了。由于时尚的变迁, 粗花呢不再是保守的奢侈单品,已经融入了众多年轻化的元素,变成了时尚的象征。 在这里雪儿选择了一条粗花呢的短裤搭配毛衣和外搭长款大衣。 简约流畅的线条设计, 加上不同质感的布料运用, 分分秒秒打造出文艺范儿又不失帅气干练。 在穿搭里, 配饰也很重要。雪儿平时带不了任何帽子,总觉得带不好帽子就会显的脸好大。唯一能够尝试的也只有宽边软泥帽了。重点是要选择帽檐够宽, 这样才能显得脸小, 五官更加立体。 这款帽子雪儿是在forever 21 淘到的, 全羊毛才25刀。真的是比free 更划算啊!

说到物美价廉,雪儿还要推荐另外一家网店, 那就是Everlane了。 大家一定对Everlane 不陌生了吧, 他们家的单品都是样样经典,不会被流行趋势淘汰。他们家的透明价格也让买家更是买的放心又实在。鞋子都是意大利制造, 高大上的皮质, 价位适中。雪儿穿的乐福鞋也是大热款,因为我买的是漆皮, 所以一开始穿会有些磨脚, 皮质偏硬。但是多穿几次就会舒适很多,所以我也建议亲们买大半码尺寸。Everlane也会偶尔打折拍卖一些存货。但是很有意思的是, 买家可以选择支付多少金额。 网页上会给你三个选择额度, 你可以选择你愿意支付多少。 雪儿就很爱支持这些创新和有文化的品牌, 请大家多多赏脸啊!

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